Gothfest 2024

Arizona’s annual Goth Festival is back for 2024! Catch me in the Blue Bar this year spinning appropriately dark EBM, Industrial, Techno, etc.. you know the vibe!

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Full details:

Saturday February 10th 2024
$40 presale
$45 day of
$60 Limited VIP:
VIP includes:
-Access to VIP only lounge featuring a private bar.
– Side stage viewing access
-1 hour Early entry to the festival

Mainstage Band Line up:
Fact Pattern
Belfry Bats
Josue Kinter
Main Stage DJ Line up:
Obzen Vanitas
Unexpected Pedestrian
Beautiful John

Blue Bar DJ’s:

Variety Act Performers:
Echo Echo
Gee Notorious
Phoebe Phobia
Rusty the Clown
Britni Bloodshed

Featuring The Arizona Dark Market including over 40 vendors.

Tensal + Jay York

This weekend I’ll be on direct support for Tensal, followed by Jay York – featuring our special 12 wide paraflex array. If you caught DVS1, you know this rig really slaps – we’re lucky to have it for a few more weekends 8)

Tensal visits from Spain, bringing a history of collaborations with PoleGroup & his own namesake imprint Tensal.

Jay visits from my home state of NY, known for his recent collaborations with Decoder on their Vinyl imprint Toca, and his recent tour with Hawtin & crew.

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Jay York:



Episode 10 features 90 minutes of hypnotic vibrations for your listening pleasure: available to stream worldwide via the ‘SNOBCAST‘ on SoundCloud.

The setting: a warehouse buried in the industrial shadow of down-town Phoenix, surrounded by urban decay. This part of the city is forgotten – forbidden even. We set up our massive sound system and rave until the sun comes up; this recording is a portion from a recent opening session from myself, preceding Pleasures & Setaoc Mass

Enjoy the music in lossless quality: right click(or long press), save

Check us out online:


1 – Darkduction – Descompositions
2 – Svarog – Independence
3 – Deepbass – Prospect
4 – Michel Lauriola – Internal Current
5 – Distant Echoes – Trust
6 – Distant Echoes – Ambivalenze
7 – Acaera – Manifold iii
8 – Distant Echoes – Ash
9 – Rasser – Too Late To Understand
10 – Lakej – Duplicity (Original Mix)
11 – Nature Soul Cybertronic – Simulate (Original Mix)
12 – Blazej Malinowski, Claudio PRC – Future Retro I
13 – Luigi Tozzi, Claudio PRC – Lyra II
14 – VVAA – Hoedus – Forbidden
15 – John Plaza – Temblor
16 – Viels – Distrophism
17 – VVAA – Luigi Tozzi – Suspiria
18 – Acaera – Partial ii
19 – Lakej – Nematic
20 – Distant Echoes – Parallel Binary
21 – Edit Select – Acaera – Nautica
22 – Lakej – Displayed Failure
23 – Acaera – Manifold ii
24 – Acaera – Partial i
25 – SAM KDC – When I Was Immortal
26 – Edit Select – Acaera – Azure
27 – Rommek – Grintstone
28 – DAS – Mystery Z1 (original mix)
29 – Luigi Tozzi – Twin_Demons
30 – Linear System, Yrsen – Storage Ring
31 – Cia Rebeck – Analisis
32 – UBRTK – Kepra (Original Mix)
33 – Lakej – Coulomb Force (Original Mix)
34 – Developer – Olmeca Ghost
35 – Oxygeno – Confused
36 – Uun – Infinity Room
37 – Aiken – Scatter
38 – Edit Select – Michael Ferrell – Density
39 – Leo J – Alien Black
40 – Hod – Alpha Generation

Ghost In The Machine + nu spot

Notorious producer/DJ duo Ghost In The Machine is visiting from the Netherlands, and I’ll be on direct support alongside residents Justin Black & Anthany Ray! Expect a pounding – these guys are known for their visceral take on the Techno genre 😉

This is also the first party in a brand new warehouse space, complete with air-conditioning (& our custom built B&C sound system of course)! We’re adding two subwoofers to the array starting with this party.

Advance tickets available on simpletix here.

RA Event page here, Facebook here.

See you on the dance floor!

Tommy Four Seven

47 label boss Tommy Four Seven is finishing his tour here in Phoenix – warehouse and all. If you like your electronic music raw and visceral, this is the party for you. Tommy has made a name for himself with his ruthless productions – often blurring the line between drum and bass/techno in a manner that is unparalleled. In a world of genre-jumping, cheesy mashups, this music stands strong as a powerful instrument for moving magnets and bodies alike.

Very excited for this one! I’ll be on direct support before Tommy, 1130 or 12 ish. Grab a ticket here and get ready to stay up all night.